Rev. Peter McGuinness assists couples in the planning and celebration of their marriage.

  • Interfaith, civil and non-denomination ceremonies are available.
  • Each couple is unique and every ceremony reflects the preferences and traditions of the couple.
  • Celebrations are conducted at the couple’s place of selection ranging from private clubs, catered halls, private homes and area parks, such as Fairmont Park and Valley Forge Park.
  • Vow renewal and anniversary ceremonies are also available
  • Couples like the ease and sensitivities in working with Rev. McGuinness.
  • Nationally certified and recognized officiant; references are available.
Contact Reverend Mcguinness
Telephone: (484) 832.9868
or by Email:
Feel free to call about dates and availability.

Rev. Peter McGuinness an ordained minister of over 20 years, serving couples in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Delaware Valley in the planning and celebrating their wedding ceremony, or vow renewal ceremony, baptism and naming ceremonies. Rev. McGuinness has worked with many couples of varying faiths to help them create the ceremony that reflects each couple’s preferences in a traditional or contemporary service.

Some Common Questions
  • Can we create our own ceremony?
  • Yes, I encourage couples to develop a ceremony that reflects their love, commitment and cultural traditions. I am able to draw on a wide variety of experience to help each create a wedding ceremony that will express their love.
  • What is the length of time for the ceremonies?
  • The ceremony’s length varies according to the preference of the couple. Most ceremonies run for about 25 minutes.
  • What do you wear?
  • I can wear a suit, or a suit and ministerial stole, or full priestly garb of alb and stole. I defer to the couple as to their preference.
  • Are rehearsals necessary?
  • Sometimes couples like to have rehearsals so everyone in the wedding party knows what to do. Most wedding venues have a coordinator that will conduct a rehearsal if the couple wishes. I can conduct rehearsals for an added fee.
  • How does the process of creating the ceremony get started?
  • The couple initially meets with me to get a sense of my style and I get an idea of from them of what they are for in the ceremony. A guideline is offered for the couple’s use in formulating their ceremony and suggestions are made.